Monday, August 21, 2006

Anda, Preciosa

"Anda, Preciosa"(inspired in a poem by Lorca)

Her moon inside her head
Androgyny dreaming about she comes

"Her moon of parchment
Preciosa playing arrives"

Androgyny is in the air

"The silence without stars"

Prettiest little girl, let me see
what behind your face is
show me, once and for all,
the softened light in your forehead
"Baby, let me rise
your dress to see you
Open in my antique fingers
the blue rose of your belly"

NOTE : the verses between inverted commas are written by García Lorca. The first quotations
mean a little girl playing the tambourine. The second one, a silence full of fears. The third quota-
tions say, more or less : girl, I want to see your feminine sex under your dress. Of course, through
a terrific metaphor alluding to a blue rose, in Lorca´s language.


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